Hathaway LLC and CJH Consulting have a proven track record of operating and stabilizing stranded and/or troubled assets for Court Appointed Receivers, Financial Institutions and Investor Groups who need a solution quickly. We have also worked with many disgruntled mineral owners to remove negligent and irresponsible operators who failed to operate in a diligent manner or fulfill their lease obligations. Hathaway can work within certain guidelines or any format to achieve any creditor’s needs and provide the management services necessary to get them through to the resolution of any action. If you are considering an investment in an upstream oil and gas property or group of properties, we can also assist in the operation due diligence.


  • During Target Oil & Gas Drilling, Inc.’s  bankruptcy proceedings in 2016, Hathaway LLC was appointed by the court appointed receiver as the interim operator of roughly 1,000 acres of idle oil and gas leases.
  • Hathaway returned wells to production, maintained the assets in good-standing with the applicable regulatory agencies, and provided technical services (land, geology, regulatory, etc.) to the court-appointed receiver handling the bankruptcy sale.


  • Headed a dormant mineral action for undeveloped acreage in the Edison field.
  • Oversaw the termination of existing leases in default on 220 acres, including remediation of the property which included the abandonment of over 60 wells and the site remediation of a large tank facility.
  • Conceptualized and privately funded pilot program for a 90+ pattern steamflood project.


  • Assisted in the termination of an oil and gas lease for a mineral owner who had not been paid royalties for several years.
  • Returned four (4) wells back to production, completely re-built the existing facilities, obtained the necessary permits needed to operate the property and drilled two development wells.
  • Through extensive land work, created drilling islands and the potential to develop the field which did not exist previously.


  • Acquired multiple dwindling leases in the Jasmin field in 2006.
  • Increased production from 50 bpd to a peak of 600 bpd requiring an overhaul of the production facility. Completely renovated and revamped the tank facility into a state of the art, multi-million dollar facility.
  • Supports 50,000 barrels of water daily used for local agricultural purposes.

agricultural steel tank facility during the day. asset management consulting.
excavator truck digging underground revealing a water pipeline filtration system. asset management
above ground water tank in the day with rusted stairs and yellow rails. asset management for water tank
dirt lot surrounding water tank. asset management
truck crane lowering pipe into ground to connect to water tank with asset management team
water tank pipes connecting to another tank system.