• Commenced in 1946, production at Jasmin targets the Cantleberry sand, a shallow marine shoreline sand with 35% porosity and permeability of 2,500 md.
  • Hathaway LLC has drilled 31 infill wells (nine vertical and 22 horizontal), growing production from approximately 40 BOD to 605 BOPD (highest field production ever) and has cumulatively produced more than 900,000 barrels of oil since mid-2006.

  • Hathaway LLC acquired its original interest through an acquisition from E&B Resources in 2006.
  • Hathaway LLC acquired an additional 160 acres of Cantleberry acreage in 2015.
  • Additional development opportunity remains primarily through in-fill drilling of up to 46 horizontal and vertical PUD and non-proved locations.