• First commercial production in 1928, the field produces from stacked pay in the Etchegoin & Chanac Formations.
  • Hathaway acquired its original interest from Crimson Resources and California Resources Corporation in 2014, in an underdeveloped portion of the field.
  • Obtained one of the first UIC Aquifer Exemption permits ever awarded in the State of California. This unprecedented accomplishment was a two-year long process and covers the entire Santa Margarita Formation in the Fruitvale Field.
  • Hathaway drilled two wells at the KCL lease in 2014 – 1st drilling program on lease since 1953; conducted workover program at KCL in 2014 RTP three wells, converted one well to water disposal. Production increased from zero to approximately 50 bopd.
  • Hathaway obtained the exclusive right to lease an additional 640 acres in the field in 2015.
  • Proposed development program includes approximately 130 vertical/directional wells and 4-10 horizontal wells (contingent on vertical drilling results).