• First commercial production began in 1953 from the Basal Chanac sand. Subsequent development included fluvial sands in the overlying Kern River Formation with similar reservoir properties. Substantial amounts of oil remain in place in the Kern River Formation. Less than 4% of the 59+MMBO has been recovered.
  • Hathaway acquired its interest in 2013 and has amassed ~750 acres in the northern portion of the field. Hathaway has installed a gas pipeline, and obtained permits for cyclic steaming and water disposal.
  • Hathaway drilled nine Basal Chanac horizontal wells, one water disposal well, and one water source well and the infrastructure for future steamflood development. Production grew from zero to 100-200 bopd with cyclic steaming.
  • Proposed development program includes a 96 pattern steamflood in the Kern River and seven additional Basal Chanac horizontal wells.
  • In late 2016, Hathaway acquired two additional leases; Teget and LV Smith.
  • Awaiting approval of a UIC Aquifer Exemption.