Bakersfield Life Magazine Reconizes Chad Hathaway as a Top 10 Person To Watch in Kern County

Bakersfield Life Magazine, August 2009: Marisol

Chad Hathaway
Chief Operating Officer of Hathaway Group

If you’re considering going into business, you may need a blueprint of how a successful operation runs. Years ago, you could have called Harry and Esther Snyder, the founders of In-N-Out Burger, who believed equally in ethics, simplicity and in the worth of their employees.

Today, you can just watch Chad Hathaway.

Hathaway, 33, is in the oil business. And before biases toward big oil make you turn the page, let him explain. Chad Hathaway grew up modestly just six blocks from East High. He was Bakersfield College football team’s kicker and transferred to Fresno State. He did not earn his college degree because cancer got to him first. After one year in a Seattle hospital and a bone marrow transplant, Hathaway found himself on a mission to help others.

For three years, Hathaway was the chairman for Light the Night, a fundraiser for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. When the oil company he started from scratch took off, though, he discovered that he had less time to volunteer. So, Hathaway found another way to help. “I am a big believer in supporting where you came from. With the growth of my business, I don’t have time to dedicate, so it’s important that I dedicate the capital,” said Hathaway. The busy husband and father donates aplenty, but Hathaway also feels obligated to take care of his partners and his employees. “Every dollar taken in by this business, I have a personal responsibility to know where that money is going. The most important things are keeping my employees busy and seeing them succeed. A lot of guys go out and buy toys, but we invest it back into the business,” he said.

And his business is oil, providing a product people need. Hathaway says that even though Kern County benefits from the tax revenue generated locally by oil companies, common perception is negative.

“Big oil isn’t me, but big oil isn’t bad, either. A significant number of the county’s public programs’ revenue is generated by the oil and ag industry. Oil is financially one of the biggest givers in the community,” he said.

Giving suits him, and he believes in community. The blueprint for Hathaway’s business model is transparent, indeed: It’s Golden, and it’s a Rule.